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Alan Pinto

Alan Pinto is the founder and acting CEO of Wind. He's an engineer and entrepreneur who's built multiple 6-7 figure companies from the ground up including a million dollar Airbnb rental company, a marketing company and an online engineering school where he sells a digital course through a impressively successful sales funnel. He's a visionary who specializes in innovating, planning, executing, scaling and managing daily operations.


Brandon Pertile is the National Director of operations at BIG insurance group, a multi-million dollar corporation. He's a co-founder of Wind, and serves on the board of executives where he brings his years of experience and expertise in sales to ensure the growth of the company on a macro level. He specializes in business management and employee success.

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Brandon Pertile


Mike Love

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Mike Love is an offensive lineman on the Buffalo Bills NFL team. His insane work ethic and determination is contagious in the company and brings an energy to the work environment crucial to the success of Wind. Mike believes nothing is impossible and inspires employees at Wind to push their limits and become top level producers.